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Don't worry! Cliffhanger isn't the movie licence that will change the way platform games play forever. Far from it...

Oh my God! Look, I know I'm going on holiday but there's no need to give me all the rubbish to review as punishment. With this and Last Action Hero it's lucky I haven't slit my wrists by now!

The first thing I want to say is that Psygnosis will hopefully steer clear of movie licences from now on. The three we have reviewed in this issue are absolutely atrocious and should never have been released. In my opinion this is the best of the three and a quick glance at the score should provide you with an indication that it still doesn't rank too highly in my all-time Top 100 games!

Again it is intended to cash in on a popular film. Film licences have been notorious for their awful computer game spin-offs in the past but of late this reputation has been upheld ten-fold. Sylvester Stallone was the star of the Hollywood version but the sprite that is supposed to represent Sly is comical. It got a laugh in the office when it started moving too. Unfortunately, it's not as humourous if you've splashed out a considerable amount of money on it.

Cliffhanger is a platform game. It seems a shame to put it in the same bracket as games like Out to Lunch and lames Pond 3 as it most definitely is in a class of its own. If class is the word. Your arduous task is to make Sly leap from precipice to precipice in an attempt to bring arch-villain Qualen to justice. There is a little more to the plot than that (including a strange black and white intro sequence) but that's all you need. Just keep going right and jumping on things to get to the end.

Of course it's not that easy as Cliffhanger is in that particular school of computer games that sets the difficulty far too high and provides awkward control in an attempt to make the game last longer. The only counter-defence the player has against this is the off switch.

It's easy to slate games. I'm not a fan of giving out stupidly bad scores because I know, regardless of how bad a game is, the programmers have put their precious time and effort into it. However, putting this out as a full price game really is criminal and the thought of people handing over 20 for this makes it much easier.

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