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One of my favourite games of last year, The Clue, is, quite simply, a game about nicking things. You begin your life of crime as a small-time thief, breaking into ice-cream kiosks and delicatessens, and the idea is that gradually, if you are successful, you work your way up the hierarchy of London's criminal fraternity, recruiting more and more experienced accomplices to help on bigger and better ahem, 'projects'.

The game splits itself into two main game types; an adventure section where you spend time wandering between various locations making contacts and 'caging joints' (i.e, sitting outside buildings checking for guards and general patterns of activity) and an action/strategy section where you plan out each raid in real-time. (Matt are you sure you haven't seen them? I left them just on the desk here - Andy.). Once you've set up each heist, you can save the plan and recall it later when you want to do the biz.

Along the way there are various sub-plots to become involved in, along with a rather stupid police inspector to foil. (Hey, Matt! Have you seen my wallet? I left it temptingly on your desk as part of my subtle plan to track down the Evil Luncheon Vouchers thief? - Andy). Some great toys are also on offer from a local supplies shop, allowing you to move up from simple glass cutters and hammers, to alarm disabling trickery and acetylene torches. Brill!

I won't go on about how much fun stealing things is, because last time I got into trouble with a real-life policeman (but we're mates now, so that's okay!) but unfortunately, er... it is! It sounds sick I know, but plotting, planning and executing slick operations all in the name of a couple of lobsters worth fifty quid is just very satisfying, (Matt! What's this in your pocket! Why, you light-fingered monkey you! - Andy).

This non-AGA version lacks the full colour graphics that the A1200 sported, but other than that, the game appears identical. All of the locations, tools, characters and musical scores are in there, and I have no hesitation in recommending this to you quite unconditionally. And Andy you arse-brained shepherdess, those are my luncheon vouchers! Yours are glued to your forehead so you won't forget them!

An exciting adventure game, takes place in London. The gameplay is quite easy, everybody can figure it out. "In a way, The Clue is a simulation of being a master criminal."

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