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Code-name: Iceman is Sierra's latest 3D adventure quest, this time based around a secret military operation. Set in the near future, the scene is set with a global shortage of oil and to top it all, cold war conflict. As with all other Sierra quests, you play the hero - a top agent who answers to the name of John Westland.

You begin the adventure on R&R. relaxing on the beach of a tropical island. The waves lap against the shore as you lie on your sun-lounger. However, your stay has to be cut short due to the goings-on in the Middle-East, i.e, the kidnapping of the American Ambassador. After searching the island for various objects such as the keys for your island hut, you decide to join in on a game of volley-ball. All is well, that is until the ball is hit into the sea. A young girl follows it in but somehow loses her cool and starts to drown. Being a strong swimmer, you dive in and rescue her. However, you must use the correct CPR procedure, i.e, artificial respiration.

A message is then given to you informing you that General 8raxton needs your help quickly, and that you must meet him at the Pentagon. Ah well, your holiday wasn't that good, was it? The first thing to do is leave the island, using the dingy taxi service. Once at the airport, you are shipped onboard a 747 and soon enough you'll be in the land of dreams, America. After a short trip in a limo, the Pentagon will be in sight and you'll be briefed on your forth coming mission. The mission is code-named Iceman, and if you are requested by any military personnel, about you name, you'll simply answer Iceman. Along the way you'll have to rendezvous with secret agents, battle against angry terrorists and even swim through the murky depths of the sea! The main feature of Iceman is the fact that it also includes a complete submarine simulation You must navigate the USS Biackhawk through the straits of Berring, over the top of Greenland before reaching your destination just off of the coast of Portugal. It is more than likely that Russian patrol boats will also be encountered, so you must use your judgement and decide whether to destroy them or attempt to avoid the enemy vessels.

A detailed map of the world including the various basins in the sea has been included in the packaging, informing you of the various depths of the different seas, allowing you to calculate the best depth to stay at. This map is also needed at the beginning of the game, as you must plot the best time-efficient course from A to B, and you only have six way points to do it with - easier said than done!

ANDY: I am a fanatical follower of all Sierra releases, and eagerly await their next product because you can guarantee that it is going to be good. I think that they have really excelled themselves this time as Iceman is superb game - in fact you could class it as two! The simulation could easily be marketed on its own - with the adventure being totally separate! If you want to see what Sierra are capable of, try Iceman -I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

DOUG: What can you really say about a Sierra game that hasn't already been said, yet again those clever chaps have managed to combine graphics, sound and gameplay to make another superb adventure that will tickle the fancy of many a person. If your hopelessly addicted to these brilliant games rush out and purchase Ice Man, it's the finest!

ALEX: Code-name: Iceman is quite unlike any other Sierra adventure I have played, as it is both a quest and a submarine simulator all rolled into one. I actually think that this combination makes Iceman one of the best, if not the best Sierra quest I have ever played. It successfully combines the puzzles included with mastery needed to pilot the Blackhawk - brilliant. Save all your money - beg if you have to - but whatever you do get your hands on a copy of Sierra's finest hour.

SOUND: A series of suitable and atmospheric tunes accompanies the hectic action, along with a variation of spot sound effects.

GRAPHICS: I didn't think that Iceman's graphics were quite up to the standards of Sierra's other recent games. The variation is excellent, as is the use of colour.

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