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I must admit I've had some rather harsh things to say about some of Titus Software's earlier releases. So when I was given another car game from them I very nearly called in those very ice men to tow it away. Fortunately for them and for me I tried it out first and guess what! It 'aint bad at all!

Strangely enough Crazy Cars II is the follow up to Crazy Cars although I have to admit the former didn't exactly make a lasting impression on me. Certainly not enough to make me cry out for a sequel, but this game does have some nice features going for it. But first - the story so far...

You're at the wheel of a sleek red Ferrari and you're out to smash a stolen car racket. The only problem is that the racket is run by corrupt policemen. Because of this you have to go in search of the bad cops across four states of America. On the way you'll have to avoid honest police who don't appreciate the sight of a Ferrari tearing down their freeways at 200 miles per hour (Cops are funny like that).

You're given an accurate road map of the territory you're crossing - invaluable when plotting your route from starting to finishing points. To assist you with this you have an onboard navigational computer which lets you know which turnings to use. You also have an early warning system for spotting police cars, in front and behind you, as well as on-coming road blocks. But this is of limited use as the radar only picks them up as they come into visual contact. Oh, well, that's what you get for using ex-rental radar units in your Ferrari.

On-screen mapping is quite impressive. As I mentioned earlier, the map covers four American states. The map scrolls left, right, up and down, so you can look at just the bit you need although one doesn't need to scan round during the game - just in-between rounds.

The graphics arc highly commendable. Easily as good as those on racing Coin-Ops. As with most games it's the little touches that make all the difference like the turf churning up behind you when you drive on the grass (which is sometimes the only way to avoid road blocks). Sound effects are suitably effective; the roar of the engine the screech of the tyre even the Police sirens have a doppler effect.

A few criticisms though. For a start, the chaps at Titus have tried hard to give the car an accurate feel which is good but then they give the car two gears - Low and High. Now I'm by no means an expert on sports cars but I'm pretty sure a Ferrari has more than two gears. Additionally, not one of the roads I travelled on had any other vehicle on it at all which struck me as being a little odd.

Still they are only trivial points which don't spoil the game at all. Keep it up Titus!

Second episode of the Crazy Cars series. You have to drive your F40 and avoid the cops. You can use a map to choose the best course. The game was also released on PC-DOS, but with 16color, ugly graphics. The Amiga version looks much better :)

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