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For those of you who don't know. Delphine are a relatively small French development team who have made their mark on the software scene with just two releases. Cinematique, their unique and incredibly powerful adventure interface, has enabled them to create two of the finest interactive movie adventure games ever.

Future Wars was released two years ago and while it wasn't hugely successful in Britain, it made quite an impact overseas and whetted the appetite of US Gold who immediately took on Delphine's next adventure, Operation Stealth.

Not a team to rest on their laurels, Delphine's latest and almost definitely their finest was already under development when most of the games playing world were frantically trying to solve the mystery of the missing Stealth Bomber. After several annoying delays. Cruise For A Corpse is finally complete and all set to sail into the lives of adoring adventure fans everywhere.

With it comes an improved Cinematique system that looks set to become the heart of any future Delphine products. Another big change is the time period. Whereas the first adventures were set in the future, Cruise For A Corpse is set way back in the 1920s on a three masted yacht belonging to Greek shipping magnate Niklos Karaboudjan.

Every now and then. Niklos invites his family and close friends to join him on a dream cruise in the Mediterranean. On this particular occasion he decided to invite Raoul Dussentier, who is a top Inspector from Paris. Naturally, Raoul accepted this incredibly generous invitation. Unfortunately, he couldn't have foreseen what was soon to happen. No sooner had the yacht set sail than the host, multimillionaire businessman Niklos Karaboudjan, was discovered dead. He'd been brutally murdered in his study. He was found by his Butler late at night, face down with a dagger stuck in his back.

Raoul was summoned in his professional capacity to investigate the crime. However, while slowly inspecting the corpse, he was mysteriously hit over the head. The following morning, Raoul came round to discover that the corpse had been nicked. It's now up to him to find the body and reveal the identity of the person responsible for this sinister crime.

Since the yacht is at sea, the murderer is still around, maybe planning another brutal attack! You take on the role of Inspector Raoul Dussentier. It is up to you to gather the various clues and interrogate the other guests in an attempt to stop any similar crimes being committed.

It was mentioned earlier that the Cinematique system had been improved. The biggest improvement can be found on the character who is now displayed in polygons rather than as a predefined image. This enables him to be displayed in perspective, regardless of his on-screen position.

Object manipulation is also taken one step further. Every room contains several objects, each of which could hold vital clues. To find out what can be done with an object, you can simply position the mouse pointer over it and click the left button.

A list of verbs relating to the selected object is displayed onscreen. This allows you to place the pointer over the required verb and order your character to perform the action. Although the objects play a major part in solving the crime, so does the interrogation of the guests aboard the yacht. To hold a conversation, another new system is incorporated. When a character is in the room you can decide to speak to him/her by selecting 'speak' from the verb menu.

Following this, a list of topics of conversation are displayed relating to the character which allows you to question the suspects on information you've gathered previously. According to the answer, new topics of conversation may be added to the initial list. This is not exclusive to the current character and therefore, if you return to another guest the topic may be added to his list as well. After playing Cruise for a while, you'll realise that it doesn't progress in a manner similar to Future Wars or Operation Stealth.

Rather than produce a linear adventure, Delphine has made it possible for you to complete Cruise For A Corpse in a variety of different ways. Initially, this makes your progress harder. Luckily, a clock updates by 10 minutes each time you solve a clue!

It is the 1920's. Interceptor Raul Dusentier has been invited on a dream cruise in the Mediterranean, aboard the superb 3-masted ship belonging to Greek shipping magnate, Niklos Karaboudjan. But no sooner has the cruise begun when Raul is summoned to investigate a scandalous crime - the murder of his host Niklos!

It's a very beautiful french adventure game with interesting gameplay, point & click interface and amazing graphics.

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