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Peyton Westlake, a once proud man lives a nightmare. As a result of his wife collecting information regarding a corrupt gathering of gangsters led by Robert G. Durant, his face and body skin was permanently disfigured. Plunged into a vat of acid and then horrifically engulfed in a massive explosion, the hospital was forced to remove part of his nervous system to quell the pain.

The pain and the suffering was medically removed, but what they couldn't take away was the anger. Peyton Westlake is dead - Darkman lives, and he plans to take revenge. On being released from hospital, it also becomes apparent that Robert G. Durant and his mobsters have taken Darkman's beloved fiancee Julie with them.

You play the part of Darkman in Ocean's official computer conversion of the recent movie. The game features all the movie's high spots in several arcade sequences. It's your responsibility to battle through the various scenes and eventually take revenge on the evil gang responsible for the previously mentioned atrocities.

Altogether, there are six sections of gameplay, each one providing a new challenge. Typically, most of the scenes are progressive beat'em-ups, against varying backdrops containing platforms and ladders, although the action does change significantly on some of the later levels.

Throughout the game, you must continually change your appearance using a number of disguises. An advanced computer system produced by yourself can be used to form any number of disguises. All you need to do is take a series of photographs and feed them into the machine. The number of accurate shots you manage to take during a brief arcade sequence will determine the length of time the disguise will last.

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