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Most of the games released on the Amiga can be placed into two categories. The mindless blast with all the weapons that you can lay your hands on, or initially confusing mind-games that take a lot of brain power to figure out. This is all very well if you're a computer-game freak who can get round all the necessary joystick and mouse wielding manoeuvres, but what about something for the little 'uns who can't quite get as much of a grip on technology?

Step forward Titus to the rescue, with the first in a series of games based on Disney characters aimed directly at the younger games player.

All Quacked Up

The Quest for Gold is an episode based on the highly successful Duck Tales cartoon series. The player is in control of the McDuck clan in a worldwide competition to try and collect as much wealth as possible in 30 days. There are various ways of doing this: Uncle Scrooge can dive into the money bin to try and find a rare coin, invest some dosh in the stock-market or travel to far-off lands to try and search out lost treasure.

The major proportion of the game is taken up by this international treasure hunt. Various locations around the globe have their own special prize, which is hidden in one of three types of terrain: the jungle, the mountains or the caves. As well as finding treasure, the McDucks can go on a safari photography expedition to boost cash.

Once an amount of cash has been amassed it's off to the island of Macaroon, where the famous giant scales are used to judge the leader in the money race. The competitor with the most money on the scales at the end of the game is the winner and is duly named as Dime Magazine's Duck of the Year.

Duck and Dime

Duck Tales isn't the most challenging Amiga game around, but then again it's not really supposed to be. The game is aimed at the younger player and contains all the ingredients to keep children happy for hours. The graphics are really bright and colourful, capturing the feel of the original cartoons to a tee. The sampled speech and sound effects add to the whimsical atmosphere even more, giving the whole package the entertainment of a Disney cartoon.

Some of the sections will seem rather taxing to younger children, but with a little time and practice, even the least proficient gamers will start to make progress. The educational value of the package isn't as high as other children's games, but as a piece of wholesome entertainment for the junior members of the family it's just the thing.

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