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HOW MANY EXCUSES do you need to beat someone up? They're messing with your woman? They stole everything you own? They insulted your family? They're the ultimate evil in the world? For Billy and Jimmy Lee, stars of coin-op and computer conversions (and even a possible film), it's the latter reason that sees them take to the streets once again.

Fortunate-lee, there's a source of ultimate good in the world, the Rosetta Stone. Sad-lee though, the stone is in three pieces, scattered around the world, the locations of which are known only to the aforementioned evil and an old fortune teller.

THE PROBLEM WITH DOUBLE DRAGON 3 is that as a conversion, it didn't have a lot to start with in the first place. The coin-op wasn't as enjoyable as its predecessors (for example, the two main characters can no longer bash each other) - an element which has come across in the conversion. That said, it's a remarkably good adaptation, so if you did get some enjoyment out of all those pound coins you pumped into the arcade machine, you won't find much missing here. The opening music is surprisingly good (a subtle, breathy oriental piece), while the graphics, playability and feel of the game are all spot on -there are even a few elements here that improve on the original (which seems to be Storm's trademark... making arcade conversions better than the coin-op themselves, look at Rod-Land); in fact, the whole game seems to work better at home than in an arcade, but it's still not going to win any prizes for originality or innovation. That said, for those of you out there who need no encouragement to gobble up the next beat 'em up, this conversion is easily good enough to warrant your attention.

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