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Bomberman is a well known name among console owners as the PC engine and its handheld brother have been rocking to the sound of explosive detonations (or several months. Frustrated owners cry out, "Aw, ya geeeeek!" as they fall foul to the plans and devices of their friends and enemies. Now you lucky lot can join in the fun with Dyna Blaster. Grab some joysticks and invite your friends around (yes, all of them) and prepare to go completely loopy.


There are two styles of game within Dyna Blaster. The first is a one player option that sees you fighting through the labyrinthine rooms of a castle in order to rescue a princess from the clutches of an evil wizard. Each room is filled with a varying number of monsters that must be destroyed before the timer expires. The battle mode pits up to five players (four using joysticks via a special adaptor and the last on the keyboard) against each other in a spectacle of complete chaos. The last surviving bomber is the victor and a Bomberman champion can be found over a series of games.


Although the two modes of play are dissimilar, the basics are almost identical. Each room is a square or oblong filled with a grid of indestructible light grey blocks. The pathways between the blocks are barred in places to create routes around the screen in a mazelike fashion.

Blasting and bombing comes into the game when you drop explosives as you move around. After a few seconds they will detonate sending out bursts of flame in vertical and horizontal lines. Contact with the blast will destroy anything on the screen, monster or character, except for the grey blocks. Eliminating your enemies therefore requires skill and timing as you attempt to manoeuvre opponents into dead ends and surround them with bombs. Of course, they aren't always as co-operative as you would like.


Hidden under the barriers are icons and bonus objects that will improve your character's abilities. The single player mode features extra bombs (initially you can only plant one at a time), bigger blast areas, extra lives, triggers (allowing you to control when the bombs detonate) speed-ups and soon and so forth.

The battle mode is somewhat different. The extra bombs and bigger blasts are still present but the other icons have been replaced with skulls. When collected they will cause a random effect. You may slow down to a snail's pace, rush along at breakneck speed, your bombs may become inactive or very weak or even dump uncontrollably (usually followed by every other player rushing to the opposite edge of the room). In addition, any player who is infected with one of the above afflictions can pass it on to any character who is touched.


You may be thinking to yourself that everything seems pretty straight forward, you just run around picking up a few bonuses as you go while dropping bombs all around the opposition.

Nothing could be further from the truth, especially in battle mode. As the players break out from the corners of the room they collect bonuses which make their bombs far bigger and increasingly prolific.

By the time contact is made with the opposition some pretty hefty firepower is being thrown around. When one of these super bombs detonates, the explosion can also cause several others to go off which in turn continue the chain reaction.


Running around a grey brick maze while trying to avoid multiple explosions, an unfriendly jelly-like ghost and the other sadistic players requires total concentration, fast reflexes and the ability to stay calm under pressure. Can you stand the heat?

A very nice logical styled action game, where you should place bombs, and blast computer or the other opponents. Beware, the bombs are timed, you can easily kill yourself!

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