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After the success of US Gold's Ghouls 'N' Ghosts conversion, which received a Format Gold in these hallowed pages, it was inevitable that its predecessor would make its way to the 16-bit machines.

For the six people that have lust landed from Mars and don't know anything about the game, the plot tells of brave Sir Arthur, valiant knight and bold warrior. While resting with his girlfriend after a particularly tough quest, an evil demon swooped down and swept away the fair maid to a dark and dangerous hiding place deep within a mountain.

Arthur quickly dons his magic armour and sets off to the rescue, passing through the various creature-infested sections of the demonic realm. He must fight off zombies in the graveyard, ghostly flying monks' in the forest, tattooed ogres in the ghost town and bats in the caves.

Initially Arthur is armed with an endless supply of sawn-off lances to throw at foes, but occasionally a creature carries a pot containing treasure or new weapons, such as torches, axes or daggers. If one of the creatures manages to land a hit on poor Sir Arthur he will lose the protection of his magic armour - one more hit and the brave hero turns into a bag of bones for the vultures to pick at.


Despite its age, Ghosts N' Goblins is well presented, highly playable and an enjoyable romp. Techno snobs shouldn't be put off simply because the follow-up is available, since the prequel has a feel and charm that Ghouls 'N' Ghosts somehow lacks. Veterans of the coin-op should get hold of a copy, even if it's just for nostalgia's sake, and newcomers to the tales of Arthur and his foes could do a lot worse than take a brief visit to this weird and wonderful world.

A platform game where you have a knight hero who has to run on a sideway scrolling level and kill all the zombies, bats, goblins, etc on the way. Nice graphics and good atmosphere.

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