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Dyter 7 takes its inspiration from two of the classic shoot 'em ups -Choplifter and Defender. From Choplifter come the tiny figures that have to be plucked from danger by your chopper, and from Defender comes the sophisticated radar which shows the position of the enemy attack vehicles that have to be destroyed before progressing to the next level.

These dual elements of strategy do something to elevate Dyter 7 above the plethora of scroll and shoot, grab the power up, smack the end-of-level nasty games that seem to be about the extent of most publishers' imagination these days. On the other hand, adapting two seven-year-old game ideas is hardly the stuff of design awards - but at least the games were well chosen and the whole package is put together with playability uppermost in the programmers' minds.

Earth is under attack again - but this time the battle is fought here rather than in deep space. The invaders are taking over the planet country by country and island by island. From your fortress below the sea you launch the counter attack. Dyter 7 is an attack chopper that can be made pretty deadly by bolting on the lethal assortment of power ups that are earned by rescuing the scientists.

There are eight levels of play - four above ground and four below. You first engage the enemy on a series of tropical islands, dealing with land attack vehicles, frigates, subs and gun boats lying offshore. Once all opposition has been eliminated you can progress to the next level. You have to be quick about it as well because the enemy submarine will deposit a fresh supply of droids if you don't manage it in time.

Entering the next level involves 'Flying down to the beast' - through a volcano. The vertically scrolling shoot 'em up that follows is quite novel - even if it is a bit too easy by comparison with the level that precedes it. It must be a first, flying down-screen, rather than up. Power ups are essential here - you need at least a multi-directional laser to survive the beast.

Best of all are the tiny scientists that you can pick up and ferry back to the safety of your base. When you land they run out of the chopper like little insects. You have to rescue them as well. If you ignore them and just start blasting it out with the enemy you won't be able to get your hands on those vital power ups.

It's refreshing to come across a shoot 'em up where there is a bit more to think about than the next power up. Dyter 7 has action a-plenty but also forces you to think about the fight rather than moronically pumping away on your fire button. Let's hope it starts a trend.

Dyter 07 is a prototype of a futuristic helicopter and you are of course it's pilot on the way to save the world. Your objective in each mission is to rescue scientists and engineers. Like in the really old 'Choplifter' you fly left and right around a scrolling 2d world. Rescued scientists can develop new weapons for you and you can even launch a small buggy to fight on the surface. The game makes a lot of fun, graphics are nice and sound acceptable, but there is one thing that prevents this game from becoming a classic: It is getting difficult very fast. Level one is easy, Level two is about the right difficulty, Level three is already very tough and if I remember correctly I reached Level four only once.

Tips on gaming: Experiment a lot with your buggy, there are enemy instalments like anti-air guns which should better be taken out by the buggy and there are times when it would be suicide.

An action-shoot 'em up game, where you had to shoot everything moving, and loaded with extra weapons you could dare the fight against the end monsters. It was also released on Atari-ST and C64.

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