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LESTER KNIGHT CHAYKIN: boy genius, nuclear scientist, hair the colour of a carrot, drives like a maniac. Pulling up in his Ferrari outside his laboratory one evening, Les could scarcely have imagined what incredible events were going to take place.

Everything appeared normal. The computer ran its obligatory security scan, made a half-hearted attempt at pleasant conversation and left Les to get on with his work. His desk was nothing short of un-amazing, littered with notes, soft drink cans and his terminal. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. Oh, and there was a storm brewing outside.

Les started his experiment, the acceleration of nuclear particles, pulled open a drink and sat back to see what the computer would say to his scientific questions. He wasn't around long enough to hear the answer.

The storm had got into full swing, attracted by the dynamics of Les' experiment. A freak bolt hit the lab and surged into the experiment chamber, hitting the nuclear particles and unleashing a massive explosion that rocked back to Les' desk and engulfed the hapless young scientist. He awoke to find himself underwater. Strange, he'd always thought heaven was draped with clouds. He was still sitting at his desk, and the huge weight was pulling him down towards some very unfriendly looking vines. Les saw a light from above, slipped out of his chair and swam up. What he saw when he surfaced nearly made him choke...

ANOTHER WORLD IS VERY... BLUE. Very, very blue. In fact, if another colour is used in many of the scenes, you'd be hard pushed to spot it. Another World is also very, very good, coming as a superb break from all the big licences, coin-ops and other Christmas biggies. You can say what you like about Delphine, when it puts its mind to something, you know the result is going to be worthwhile. Atmosphere, moodiness, graphics that blow your mind and sound that slaps it right back in place again. Everything that made Future Wars, Operation Stealth and Cruise For A Corpse such big hits, has been combined in one big package. One thing I do miss is the text. Yes, as strange as that sounds, the completely joystick-controlled environment does, at times, feel a little cold and unwelcoming (and that has nothing to do with the large aliens with guns trying to shoot you). An explanation of certain scenes or some stand-alone animations, carrying the story would have helped. The whole thing does have a very film-like feel to it though, as did Delphine's other Cinematique games. Quick cuts, close-ups and smooth animation all add to the tension and atmosphere created (just tell me that when the large lion-type creature jumped out at you for the first time, you didn't jump). This is all helped by the comprehensive control method that adapts to fit the surroundings. Pulling down will usually just make Lester duck, but in a situation where his gun is on the floor and the lasers are flying, he'll perform a combat roll. Delphine has thought of everything, and while the first few levels are fairly simple, the later ones get infinitely more complex and require some very intelligent thought. The whole thing smacks of Dragon's Lair, but with one major advantage: you constantly have full control over the central character. Another World is a superb product, extremely classy and very, very playable.

Big classical, which was followed by Another World 2, Flashback and OnEscepee. Not a typical platform game. Run, jump, fire, and use your mind to get through the hardest levels and puzzles. Your hero teleports to an unknown world, by an accident. It's full of dangers, and monsters. Quite hard, but interesting.

At heart, this game is a true platformer. But not just any platformer. The story, the characters, the plot, everything. The entire game creates such an atmosphere that when you start playing, and you finish the first level, you'll keep playing it.

The controls are okay, even though some parts are difficult to do. The game itself is pretty difficult, but the use of passwords makes it all a lot easier. The SNES version of this game is called Out of This World, but is in heart thesame game. The graphics are quite well-done and the animations are sublime. At some points it reminds me of Prince of Persia, especially the movement.

If you seek a game which will offer you a fair challenge, be sure to try out Another World. A pretty famous game which lives up to its name.

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