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LinguaMatch is a neat little electronic dictionary that translates hundreds of words in any of these languages to any other: US English, UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. Words are grouped into a number of categories such as actions, cities, parts of body, food, questions, numerals, and many more. These categories, in turn, are each represented by a colorful picture that takes up most of the screen. Simply click on "hot spots" on each picture to reveal the word - in any pair of languages of your choice. One thing I really like is that many words are linked to common phrases that show you basic examples of their usage in real life. The on-line help function explains everything you need to know about the program in great detail, and the mouse-driven interface is intuitive and unobtrusive.

The graphics is pleasant throughout, with plenty of colorful cartoons. Although several pairs of words (particularly US vs. UK English) feel oddly outdated, LinguaMatch packs enough useful words to justify purchase. Overall, LinguaMatch is a great example of a kind of useful application that were sorely needed before CD-ROM dictionaries and later the Internet came about. Recommended!

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