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They all ignored the endless warnings. Now Earth is dying and it is your task to find a new and flourishing planet.

Up until now most space role playing games have been very heavy going. The excellent Megatraveller games were just too serious for many gamesplayers and they were put off by their complexity. At last though someone has come up with a role playing game in space that is accessible to everyone.

This has been achieved through the combination of an excellent RPG section, and a shoot'em-up element which is similar to a cut down version of that all time classic Elite. The game is based around a series of missions which, as you would expect, become progressively more difficult as the game goes on. Missions consist of anything from taking off to collect meteors that just happen to have floated towards you, to zooming around wasting hordes of very hostile aliens.

Interaction with other races in the game is vitally important to your success in many of the later missions. If you become friendly with them they will provide you with important information. Such information can be put to good use in matters like upgrading your ship and its weapons system, making it much easier to take out the fiercer enemies later in the game, and so forth.

Lethal mixture

Collecting minerals and chemicals from the debris of enemy ships and meteorites will enable you to create other useful items by mixing them together in your mothership's laboratory. Get the right amount of components and you can upgrade to a better loser or a faster ship. Be careful though, get the mixture wrong and a dangerous chemical reaction may cause an explosion which will damage your ship!

Perhaps the only thing missing from Exodus is a ranting and roving bunch of Klingons. And I really miss not being able to say, "Set phasers to stun!".

Old, Amiga 500 style space flying game. The Earth will be destroyed by a huge meteor, so people build a big spacecraft and starts the journey to the new home planet. Your mission is to control that ship. Simple graphics and music.

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