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Don't make the mistake of thinking that this game has having anything to do with Tom (Loose perm) Baker, or Peter (All Creatures Great and Small) Davidson, who were both Time lords. Depending how you look at it, it's probably just as well, - I mean, can you imagine Bonnie Longford following the timelords about on a computer game?

Testing times

The year is 2016 and being a pilot is always a risky job, especially when flying test aircraft. To cut a long story short, a bizarre accident sends the experimental plane out of control and causes you to pass out. When you come around you find yourself in a strange world.

Once post the intro, you'll have to select a character who you'll control throughout the game. There are only three attributes to worry about: strength, hitpoints and dexterity, therefore it shouldn't be too difficult to choose. Once you've made these decisions, the first thing you'll notice is that the screen is split into two sections, the top half being the most important showing the main play area and the bottom half being a text box which describes the way your character is feeling (and also allows interaction with any of the many friendly/unfriendly people you'll meet on your travels).

Now the quest begins! You need to find out where you are, and one of the first messages you receive is that your hero is hungry, so food is also on the agenda. Later on in the game you'll encounter some of of the nasty monsters that inhabit this strange world and you'll either have to fight them or run for your life. The outcome of combat is decided by pressing fire and moving your joystick towards the enemy - the higher your character's dexterity score the more chance you'll have of hitting the nasty.

Play takes place on a gigantic scrolling map which tends to consist mostly of forests and mountain ranges, all of which are there to be explored. As time goes on the sun sets and the moon comes up - the land is even more dangerous at night. At night time make sure you sleep indoors. Don't just bed down on a makeshift camp because the chances are you'll never wake up - death comes easy to strangers in this mysterious world!

Staying alive

Several onlookers commented it looked boring and a bit samey, and to be honest, anybody who hasn't played the game would probably agree. However this is one of the few games of late I've played that really gets you involved with not only your quest to get home, but in just keeping your man alive in a land where the odds are heavily stacked against him. You are very rarely given a particular mission to embark on - and this in itself will tend to tease the player onwards.

Adventurers beware: Book those holidays, drop your engagement, quit your job, because there is no way you'll have time for anything else when you get your teeth into this. Hundreds of screens and tens of quests will give you hours of spelunking fun but it's up to you to mine them out of this little gem. If you've got anything about you, you'll at least want to take a look.

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