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It's exactly a year since we reviewed the MicroProse follow up to F19 Stealth Fighter, and it barely seems like yesterday. Anyway, here it is again in all its glory, only this time it doesn't cost as much. In the last couple of years, plane games on the Amiga have tended to be PC hand-me-downs, and only a few have managed to live up to the wild pre-production promises which were made about them. F117A is one of the better offerings. You can re-enact Operation Desert Storm along with numerous other real life scenarios, and there are special "future missions" to embark on too.

MicroProse may be slightly guilty of milking their flight sim engine just a little bit too much at times, but with F117A they have produced a game dissimilar to most other efforts, and one which is, on the whole, a (somewhat complicated) pleasure to play.

A good simulator game co-designed by Sid Meier. You can fly the Lockhead Stealth Figter through many missions. Arm it with various form of weapons. Good intro animation, music and graphics.

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