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They certainly know their presentation, these MicroProse bods. From the sunglasses and coffee cup sitting on the table during the mission briefing to the many external camera views, F-19 adds up to one impressively detailed package. It comes with a brilliant glossy manual which tells you all you need to know about being a Stealth Fighter pilot, plus a cardboard cut-out keyboard overlay with all the controls printed on. This is absolutely essential as you'd need a massive memory to remember them all!

Gameplay varies from the nerve-wrackingly suspenseful to the gut-wrenchingly exciting as you duck through enemy radar nets and take on the top enemy fighter jocks in a fight for air supremacy. The graphics are absolutely stunning: the ground detail is all there right down to the individual missile launchers at SAM sites. And it's all as smooth as a baby's botty. If you're into flight sims, then you certainly won't go far wrong with this...

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