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Well one way to satisfy your lust for good clean harmless violence Is to get out a good violent video. Another way is to go and watch a boxing match. However a while ago I discovered interactive violence without any danger of getting hurt. Yes, It's on the computer and since the launch of Doom a whole load of similar games have come onto the scene. Here's one for you and your Amiga.

I have just spent some time In front of my Amiga getting to grips with Fears. In the post I received the game and one sheet of paper. "Guildhall Leisure and Manyk Software presents FEARS" mm... what was this going to be like. Well it's due for release on the 7th of September and will set you back twenty nine pounds and ninety nine pence whether you get the A1200 version or the CD32 version. Here I was with a game to review that wasn't all there. An interesting challenge you may think but to be fair the three level demo disk that they sent me was quite enough to get to grips with. This Is essentially a game like the now famous "Doom". When "Doom" first came out I was highly impressed, I remember spending hours on my friends PC trying to get to grips with the numerous beasts and the maze of secrets that I was presented with. Between us we did eventually finish the game but it has to be said I don't think we ever uncov- ered all of the secrets that there were to be found In this monster of a game. We had many trips back to earlier levels to try and uncover a few more hidden extras. This is the sort of quality that this sort of game needs so you realise that it Isn't all about finishing the game but about getting as much out of it as you can. Well this is a game that you'll be able to get a great deal from.

The first time I played earlier this week I needed three trys to get through the first level, and when I eventually did I found that I had uncovered not a single one of the secrets that were there for me to find. Oh well try again after I've gone as far as I can on the second level. Well that wasn't very far as I got a total kicking from a serious looking monster, mmm... This was going to be a lot harder than I thought! Well I now feel that I've actually started to get to grips with the game.

The game was developed by Bomb Software and the Rather excellent Intro screen lets you know, if you look carefully enough. The game will have a huge one and a half megabytes of graphics and one megabyte of sound crammed Into it. From this alone you can see that it's going to be an absolutely enormous game. When I go on to tell you that there are thirty levels and eighteen different types of monsters the picture should become clearer still. This Is an epic of a game. Weapons wise you get a whole selection of deadly bits and pieces. There is a knife, probably not the best weapon to face a bunch of fire spitting monsters with but it could be useful nevertheless. There is also a rifle that is essentially a double barrelled shot gun, a machine gun, a serious rocket launcher and a plasma gun. All of them are fairly destructive with the plasma gun being the most awesome. All around the game you will find not only ammo but such extras as treasure and first aid kits with which you will be able to bring your health up with.

Your health Is displayed In percentage form at the top right hand side of your screen and on the left you will see your weapons displayed. You are told what weapons you have and what weapon you are using as well as what ammo you have left. If the sides of your screen flash red you are being shot at so you can quickly turn round and return fire. This game provides all you need.

The main trouble with the game is that with the screen on maximum and all the graphics on you really can't get very good control of what direction you're facing in. This makes it pretty hard to fight back as you tend to end up shooting at space either side of the offending aliens. The graphics tend to be really jumpy as your view leaps across the screen. It is possible to reduce the quality of the graphics and to make your view smaller but the game then starts to become a lot smaller. It seems that as oppose to shrinking the whole view so that you can still see as much but with less detail, you have a view that has had the edges cut off so you don't have the same level of peripheral vision as you would have with the screen on maximum and the graphics on full. Peripheral vision is quite important if you want to survive in an environment where monsters are lumping out at you from all sides. Well a bad workman always blames his tools so they say and I suppose I fall into that category. Well If I'm really harsh on myself I suppose that The reason I found the game such a challenge was more to do with the number of monsters and my own inability to shoot straight than the juddering graphics. Well to be fair to the game It is pretty good, my opinion must however be tainted somewhat by my high opinion of Doom. Somehow I feel that all the games that have copied "Doom"s style are really rip offs. This game for instance worryingly similar but I suppose why change a formula that has worked so well. And It is a whole load of fun! Is it as good as Gloom? Look at the scores and work it out for yourself!

An evil professor created creatures similar to Frankenstein. Your mission is to fight your way through hordes of mutants ever onwards towards your final confrontation with the mad professor himself. The game is a 3D action shooter, similar to Doom or Alien Breed 3D. The title screen, music, pictures looks very sharp and cool, but the game itself is slow and ugly even on a 040.

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