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It's tough being Arnold Schwarzenegger. Your best buddies have been slaughtered and skinned in horrific circumstances and your jungle green combat gear is badly in need of a visit to the nearest launderette. Predator is army action in which staying alive is extremely difficult to accomplish. A very atmospheric game, partly on account of the music, the suspense is built as the unknown 'Predator' stalks you from afar. Only when the screen turns blue, and a triangular viewfinder appears, does it become apparent that you are being watched by the alien hunter. The only thing that Big Arnie can do is run for cover. On passing the skinned bodies of your buddies, a good way to get over them is by blasting everything in sight. Jungle warfare is all about surprise attacks so don't be surprised by ambushes from lurking guerillas. Lobbing grenades certainly does the trick, but you only have three, so use them wisely. However, soldiers aren't the only hassle in the jungle, and it's wise to pick up one of your colleagues' dropped weapons when attacked by a flock of vultures. Predator is a shoot 'em up with very little to redeem it - you'd be better off buying the video.

Just another C64 conversion, from the Ancient times. Unfortunately it looks the same as the C64 version, but hell... It is a rule game! Schwarzenegger will shoot ya!

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