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Les Tinies sont probablement les creatures lews plus malicieuses de toute la galaxie. Et non mistaking!

Yes. I've got a multi-language manual and I'm not afraid to use it, but I doubt that you'd be too impressed if I went on like this for two pages, so let's start again in English.

Die Tinies sind wahrscheinlich die durchtriebensten Wesen der Galaxis. Damnkoftp! Wrong page. Ah, here we go...

The Tinies are probably the most mischievous creatures in the whole galaxy. Having failed to conquer Earth in 'Tiny Skweaks'. the rebel Tinies have been carted back to their home planet of Sklumph only to find that the King of the Tinies has decided to use a new machine to rid them of their crippling sense of humour - thus bringing order to the planet. Unfortunately, a wicked Tiny has now taken control of the machine, turning the other Tinies into stupid monsters and proclaiming himself the new sovereign of Sklumph. Needless to say, the rebel Tinies must now end the tyrant's reign and release the King by negotiating 100 levels of platform action. Phew!

To help them in their mission, the rebel Tinies have different coloured Power Rings which, when worn, change the colour of the Tinies and their abilities. Green Tinies can swing from ropes and pull blocks, blue Tinies can swim underwater and blow bubbles, red Tinies can bite through weak walls and floors, and yellow Tinies can spit fire. You can only use one Tiny as a time but you can swap between the

Tinies at will.

Secret rooms can be found where you'd least expect them (otherwise they'd be called Obvious Rooms, wouldn't they?), along with tele-ports and, of course, a number of nasty birds, bumble bees, sharks etc, who are all very keen on fresh furry Tinies. With all these obstacles in the way, you can be sure that the task ahead isn't easy.

What can I say? This is just brilliant! I hate to draw comparisons with other games when you have a stunning game like this, but take Lemmings and mix it up with Lost Vikings and you're kinda there. This really is the best of both worlds as you get to enjoy well-thought-out puzzles while still enjoying action/arcade aspects of a platform game. The graphics are brimming with character (Green's rope is superb!) and the game is constantly adding new things to obstacles to overcome rather than just churning out the same problems in a different level. The sounds are quite cute, but the music is a bit duff to be honest - firstly because the 'musak' begins to annoy after a while, and secondly because you can't turn it off. That aside, it's the sort of game that's good for a ten minute play, or a real day waster. There's no password system as such, but the game does save your progress to disk after a certain number of levels, meaning that although you can't start exactly where you finished, you only have to repeat that zone again. Furries has an excellent pace and the learning curve is perfect. It's fiendish in the way the levels can appear deceptively simple but turn out to be hair-pullingly hard - especially when you don't have the necessary Tiny. The speed is brisk, although it does slow down a bit when things start to get really crowded, but thankfully it never really affects the game play itself. I really can't recommend this game enough - it's just such good fun. I haven't even got onto disk five yet, but I will. Oh yes, I will.

You control a creature called Tiny, who must defeat the evil one who has captured the King, and turned all the Tinies into monsters. The game takes place on a huge island seperated into eight regions: Desert, Lagoon, Forest, Pyramids, Mountains, Factory, Village, and finally the Castle. Very nice intro animation on the first disk and cool graphics and sound. It's a worth to try platform game!

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