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This is truly an astonishing software achievement and I can't applaud Virgin enough for once again coming up with something technically brilliant. Aladdin is nothing less than a realistic re-enactment of the actual movie. The soundtrack is delicious, the graphics are Disney cartoon quality and whole thing is like an interactive version of the film. This is what licenses should be about; this is what the public expects of a film tie in, not the usual crass disappointment of a project that has no funding because it was spent getting the rights in the first place.

Graphically the game is similar to Don Bluth's Space Cadet animation. Aladdin is a SUPERB platform game. This, of course, is a stupid description of a soon-to-be classic, planned down to the last pixel, that brings you, the player, right into the atmosphere of those balmy Arabian Nights. No silly jumping around here. Aladdin runs through the market, dodging sceptre wielding thugs, ladies chucking out their washing urns and knife throwing fakirs. Jumping over burning coals, shimmying up ropes, and generally causing mayhem. Aladdin is, of course, attempting to save Princess Aleyeah from the scheming clutches of you know who. There are many objects to collect, from extra health hearts, to extra life making rubies (exchangeable at your local genie emporium) which all go into the mix for a hearty slice of real arcade fun.

Initially, having no sword to slash with, our hero has to pick up apples to throw at his foes. Armed with a suitable cache of Granny Smiths, he can make a fruit salad out of almost anybody, but get hit and the precious life sand slips away, unless you can find a pumping heart or two.

The animation is truly extraordinary. Aladdin sways, scampers up poles, hangs from rafters and swings his sabre with a flourish. The game is loaded with humour. A favourite tit bit for me is in the market level, when Aladdin, jumping down from a wall lands on a dozing camel whose breath is subsequently whooshed out and fells the trousers of a waiting thug, who vainly tries to cover the embarrassment of his spotty underwear before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Stopping the action for more than a few seconds results in a very bored Aladdin doing tricks with his apples or balancing his sword on the end of his nose. Three lives are all you get, but take it from me, there will be lots of coming back for another go. Brilliant.

I think everybody knows the Aladdin cartoon and the computer game too. It was a big hit on Sega machines, but the Amiga version is much more better because of the AGA graphics, speed and the very well done music.

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