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Do you ever get the feeling that the room is spinning and flipping around you? Globby does, only in his situation he's in control. Quite what his situation is, I'm not sure, but it entails flipping a room upside down, laying dynamite and jumping down rainbow coloured holes in the floor. Globby is a viscious alien warrior with a killer instinct and a hunger for blood.. He also has a journey to make, far more dangerous than even the most perilous trip to Safeway. Twenty five levels of digital hell await.

Of course, like any good game, there are a multitude of things to hinder your progress. First, and by far the most common, are spiky tiles. Found on every level, tread on these, and you instantly lose one of your three lives. Then there are the moving spikes that, just like the witch in Chorlton and The Wheelies, pop up all over the place, so watch where you tread. There are also a variety of roaming creatures that bounce, roll, jump and slide around in pre-set patterns.

To combat these elements you have some dynamite to take out barriers and certain nasties, and a smart bomb to clear the screen of all roaming fiends. At the end of each level, you are allotted a certain amount of bonus points depending on the length of time it took to do the level, plus any extra bit and bobs you may have picked up along the way. With these you can buy extra smart bombs and dynamite to top up flagging supplies.

Playing Globulus, I soon realised that there is a lot more strategy involved than you would assume from the screenshots. Fifteen minutes may seem like a very lenient time limit for a level, but believe me, you'll need every second, especially on the later levels. Sometimes even seeing any clear route through a level requires multiple flips, so a fair deal of thought is necessary.

Innerprise have managed to attain the perfect balance. The right blend of arcade action and mind straining strategy to appeal to almost everyone, and the sort of hook-ability arcade manufacturers dream of. This is one heck of a game. Do not miss on your chance to play this addictive treat.

Each level is made up of a collection of tiles placed together to form a maze. Some labelled "tiles", when jumped on, cause unusual effects, such as jumping you forward another square, jumping you two squares, sliding you along until you reach a barrier or die, jumping and turning you ninety degrees in a given direction, or even giving you extra weapons or lives. There are also various ramps and steps placed in precarious positions. These can only be walked down. To walk back up, you have to use a little gadget called a flipper to turn the screen upside down, inverting everything including the ramps. Flipping the screen also changes the orientation of some of the direction tiles, causing you to jump in a different trajectory. The key is to find the right path through the maze to take you to the multicoloured wormhole to the next level.

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