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A long, long time ago (well back in 1990, but that is an aeon ago in the fast-moving world of game publishing) the kid with the magic boxing gloves made his debut appearance on the Amiga. He was fast, he was cute and he was colourful. The only reservations that anyone had about the game was that the jumping, platform and collect-em-up formula was even then all a bit on the dated side. So here we are in brand-spanking new 1992, with more of the same except another two long years down the line.

So does this mean Kid Gloves 2 is automatically doomed to be past its best-before date? Happily, not quite. Why? Well a new programming and design team have dedicated time to revamping the graphics and souping-up the gameplay. The end result is that they have created an entirely new adventure that manages to hold its cute little head up in 1992. The beauty of it, though, is that they haven't lost the spark of the original game.

The Kid does some growing up

Instead of the Manic Miner-slyle screen-to-screen format, the backgrounds now scroll to accommodate the Kid's movement. The sprites are now larger and more detailed, and graphically this second-generation Kid is vastly superior to his predecessor. The Kid's movement has calmed down (he can't jump anywhere near as far) and the whole affair looks remarkably like a solo outing of one of the Mega Twins.

Kid is hot on the trail of the evil wizard Wievallard, who's kidnapped (no pun intended) his girlfriend. So our boy, armed with only a dagger and a liberal splashing of Hero aftershave, gives chase through six stages (each one has four levels however) of baddie-infested scenery.

There are loads of devious traps and pitfalls lurking in Kid's path. On the other hand, there are absolutely masses of collectibles just scattered around to improve your chances of success. Springs, moving platforms and collapsing bridges - all do their dastardly best to keep your reflexes stretched and your interest held. Arcade-style sub-games intersperse the action, as the Kid cuts his cutesy swathe through some of the sweetest baddies that you ever did see. Kid Gloves 2 contains all the essential elements that are needed for a decent, cutesy platform game, plus a few more thrown in for good measure.

Is there really a new Kid in town?

The whole game looks right, plays good and has enough 'extras' (new weapons, collectable objects, magic spells and sub-games) to breath life into the basic platform-game formula. But there's still nothing new to add to this genre. Kid Gloves 2 is basically just a hybrid of all the classic, cutesy platform romps of recent years. If you liked Rodlands and Mega Twins, or if you have fond memories of the original Kid Gloves, then you won't be disappointed.

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