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Baseball is one of the games which most Brits don't generally see the point of, especially when the majority consider it to be nothing more than Americanised cricket. Still, Accolade went out on a limb with this game and they came up trumps.

Hardball, which is now over six years old, was one of the first baseball games to appear in this country. Because this is essentially the same version that was released in the States it contains loads of terms such as 'RBI' (Runs Batted In) which mean very little to the baseball illiterate.

But, if you like baseball and can tell a change-up from a curveball, then Hardball could be the game for you. It has large, well-animated graphics which are used primarily for the pitching and the batting and change to a smaller view of the pitch when it's time to run. The excellent graphics combined with the fluid gameplay make the action extremely addictive

The only real criticism I have is that the matches drag on too long. Nine innings, plus overtime if the scores are level at the end, make each match far longer than necessary.

Batting is more fun than pitching. The type of shot you play depends entirely on timing, swing too early and the ball will be spun up and off the bat, too late and you'll hack it out of bounds. Even if you're not a baseball nut and |ust want to try something different. Hardball is a decent purchase at its new asking price.

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