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Nick Faldo MBE is currently the Number One golfer on the Sony World Rankings, and has again won the European Order of Merit. Since this 36 year old Englishman turned pro in 1976, he's won the French Open three times, the Spanish, Scandinavian and European Opens once each, the US Masters twice, the US Open Championship three times, and has won nineteen other professional championships. No wonder he's the world's number one!

Although he's lost the crown a few times, he's won it back this year. His lowest position in the European Order of Merit has been 42nd. Although, he is a great golfer. Nick also enjoys fishing and snooker. And if you want to talk about achievements, well grab this. In 1989. he was voted "Sportsman of the Year" by the Sports Writers Association; Ritz Club Golfer of the Year; and the London Sports Personality and BBC Sports Personality of the year. With all these achievements, you would think that Nick Faldo's Championship Golf would be a great game. Well, you won't be disappointed.

Let's start with the graphics, which always seem to make or break a golf game. Rest assured, Nick Faldo's Championship Golf has excellent screen artwork! Even though I don't really like golf much, I became instantly addicted to the game because the graphics were so realistic. They're nice and crisp, easy on the eye, and very large.

There are no fiddly bits. Everything is big enough, so that you can define what their purpose is. The background graphics are great too, though most holes have the same backdrop - the exquisitely designed club house. The trees, bunkers and your actual character are all very well done, as is the animated golf swing.

In play, the game is slick and smooth. The unique slide out menus are very accessible, and don't clutter the screen. Instead of coming from the top of the screen, there's one sliding menu on each side of the screen. When you move your pointer across to it, it folds out to display your options.

On the right hand side you'll sec the lie of your ball and the top view map. If you click on this map, you're instantly shown the wind currents across the whole screen. This is very helpful when planning your shots. On the other side of the screen you can slide out the club menu. Choosing your weapons couldn't be easier - just select a bagful before you leave the club house, and click to select the stick you need for each shot.

Sound effects, unfortunately, are very poor. In some ways they're similar to the sound-clips in the ancient World Class Leaderhoard. Sometimes you'll also be reminded of Barbarian II - remember the bird whistling in the forest? He's back!

As for the optional music track - it gets annoying very quickly, and should be turned off before you commit suicide. Overall, however, Nick Faldo's Championship Golf is an excellent game. It's not a golf game for beginners, though. Your swing timing has to be perfect and your judgement the same. The graphics are a treat for the eye and the courses are also excellent to play on. There's a multitude of options - matchplay, stick selection, caddy selection, coaching and much more. If you have to buy a golf game in 1993 then let this game be it. Nick Faldo's Championship Golf is, like Nick Faldo himself, destined to become legendary. It's well worth adding to your software collection.

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