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The Italian first division, Serie A, is widely regarded as the most concentrated collection of footballing talent the world has to offer. The stakes are high, and the rewards for winners are enormous. However, if you're the man in charge when your team's on the losing end of things, it can all go pear-shaped before you even get a chance to sob into your spaghetti. Championship Manager Italia '95 puts you in charge of a team from Serie A or B, with the aim of getting them to the top of the league.

Once you've endured the lengthy initialisation sequence, you can decide which team you want to manage. With 37 Serie A and B Teams to choose from, you're spoiled for choice. Next comes squad selection which takes time as it is near impossible to remember all the different requirements of each player, and you have to flick back and forth between several different pages of team info.

After picking your team and starting the season, you have a couple of weeks to make transfers. This is far more awkward that it needs to be. Instead of giving you a list of all available players and letting you take your pick, it demands you specify the exact abilities of the kind of player you're after. More often than not, there's no one who exactly fits the bill, so you get the reply "No players available". You then have to go through the whole procedure again, with different statistics.

The fun starts once you get to play some football. You don't get to see the action, but a screen keeps you informed of the score in text form. It's immensely satisfying and strangely addictive. The results update and transfer news goes on a bit, breaking up the flow.

In between the delays and long-winded selection screens. Championship Manager Italia '95 is a very engrossing management sim. Anyone who doesn't mind nipping off to make a cuppa every ten minutes would do well to take a look.

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