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If you are a veteran to the Amiga games scene you may remember a classic product that went by the name of Hostages. It put you in charge of a crack special forces team and made you deal with the problems that such a unit would be faced with during a hostage situation in a built up city. The game was an instant success, its unique blend of gameplay made it popular with players of all ages and dispositions. After a long wait, a sequel has finally appeared and it promises to be even better than its renowned predecessor.


The now derelict Alcatraz prison has been taken over by a drug baron and is being used as a base to ship narcotics all over the world.

Your team must penetrate the criminals' defences and eliminate their leader while at the same time gaining enough evidence to convict any survivors.

The game is divided into three separate stages that must be completed in order. Each has a different style of gameplay and your success at each affects your performance throughout the entire game.

Two characters are controlled during the entire mission by either a single player switching between the two or the far more preferable method of two players commanding one of the characters each.


The first section depicts your movements through the exterior grounds of Alcatraz and a side-on view similar to that found in many beat'em-ups is used. As you move about you will come across guards and static defences (mines and so on). Using your athletic prowess and fighting ability you can somersault and leap past your attackers and dispose of them with a single blow.

At this early stage of your attack your primary objective is to remain undetected and not sot off any alarms. Although assault rifles, grenades and flamethrowers can be found and put to good use in the correct situation, stealthier methods are considerably more preferable; hiding in the shadows and avoiding contact with the enemy for instance.


After moving through the grounds of the prison you will come across a series of three run down buildings that contain confidential papers and hordes of drugs which must be destroyed or collected.

The view changes to a first person perspective as you explore the corridors with an overhead map to allow you to keep an eye on what is happening around you.

As well as your machine gun, several pounds of explosives will help you to destroy the parts of the buildings containing the narcotics.

The drug baron has made his base inside the jail house; the final building you will visit. Unlike the other locations, you will find it is very heavily defended and impregnable if attacked by conventional means.


Using a grappling hook and rope you can scale the side of the building and avoid the deadly defences that have been prepared for you. As search lights sweep backwards and forwards over your position you must avoid being spotted and shot down.

Finally you will get inside the building and can begin you hunt for the leader. He is hidden deep within the depths of the rotting jailhouse and is ready for you.

Watch out for the armed attackers hidden around every corner. Outside a helicopter is patiently hovering, waiting to pick you up but time is running short and you must be as quick as you possibly can.

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