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Chessmaster 2100 comes heavily packaged, with a 20-page instruction manual in four languages, plus a glossy 56-page guide to the rules and history of chess. The game is superbly presented, easily the most attractive of the bunch and also features some neat sound effects and speech. It's just as packed with features as 2175, with 2D and 3D boards, a choice of beautiful chess sets (and the option to load in your own from DPaint!) and rotation of the board, along with most of the standard features.

You can print out a list of moves at any point of the game, load in an historic game and watch 2100 play it out, get the program to rate your game and to show you, in teaching mode, which pieces are threatened or which moves are legal. The program will tell you what sort of opening you've chosen and adjust it accordingly if it's just part of a more complex opening. You may also alter the type of control method. You can rule that the first piece touched is the piece you must move, although this may be turned off. To move a piece, you hold down the mouse button and reposition it, while letting go of the button makes it slide back to its original square.

2100 is great fun to use and looks great. It's even better value, therefore, than 2175, which suffers in appearance and documentation by comparison. Recommended.

A very simple designed chess game from 1986. You can challenge your chess knowledge against the chessmaster.

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