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Who said brain games were the best? Even the author of a classic intelligence tester must fancy a bit of high-speed action from time to time. Which is presumably why Geoff Crammond not only wrote the classic game Sentinel but has also written Stunt Car Racer. And that's just what it's about: the player takes control of a stunt car and has to drive it around eight death-defying tracks. The player's aim is to become Division One champion in the Stunt Car Racer League, but to do that you'll have to get to Div 1 first.

Starting in Div 4, you have to race both other drivers in the division on both tracks. Points are awarded to the winner of the race (who gets two points) and the competitor who put in the fastest lap during the race (who earns just one). At the end of the season the competitor with the most points is promoted to the next division, but of course once you get out of the fourth, you always stand a chance of being relegated if you finish the season in last place. Make it to the top of the first to earn a chance to take part in the Superleague and race against some expert competition in better cars (faster with better brakes).

The action is all viewed from the cockpit and the controls are very simple: push forward on the joystick to accelerate, pull back to brake and move it left-right to steer. What's not so easy is staying on the elevated tracks which twist and turn, dip and rise the whole way round. Each race consists of three laps of the track and the race is over when either car crosses the finish line or one car becomes a wreck.

Fall off of the track (or even take a jump incorrectly and come down too heavily on the other side) and you'll incur chassis and structural damage. Too much damage and the car becomes a wreck and 'race over'. However, before starting a season it is possible to practise the track so you can learn exactly where to use the nitro boost and where to decelerate (it would be far too easy to just blast around the track willy-nilly) before competing for real.


Revving engines, crashes, screeches and scrapes - all of which sound great. The graphics are superb: extremely fast, and well animated. Excellent stuff.


This is gripping stuff. Action all the way - you really will be holding your breath as you go flying over the jumps and gritting your teeth with determination when you see your opponent go whizzing past. All it lacks is an instant replay option to allow an out-of-cockpit view of those spectacular crashes.

Well known racer game from C64. Nice vector graphics, very fast speed and pleasurable gameplay with many jumps and extreme tracks.

Stunt Car Racer has to be one of the oldest games for the Amiga, it was first released on the Amiga, and ran slower than that guy from American pie could do a poo without laxitives... But on the amiga? It ran like perfection!! It was smooth and had damn great graphics for its time, the 3D was blocky, but not as much as half of the games around today!

In the game you play as the guy with the helmet, you play against these other dudes with exagerated cartoony facial characteristics (ooo look at all the big words :)) You can play single or multiplayer games, and on multiplayer you take it in turns... You can only have access to the first group of rides to start with, and work your way up the league to the bigger and better tracks. If you can't be bothered with that, you can always skip it and go for a practice race!

The game includes around 16 colours, but still looks great somehow... Also, another thing is that you can trash your car if you crash too many times... I love this game, and i'm sure fans of racing games or fans of solitaire will also love it!

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