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Flight sim fans will recognise the name Chuck Yeager. In the past he has been associated with a couple of serious simulators and now there has been another game released with his mug shot adorning the box. For those of you who are a little green when it comes to aircraft and flying, Chuck Yeager's AFT includes a series of flying lessons on the disk. Hosted by the man himself, Chuck Yeager, the series takes you through all the basic flying manoeuvres such as taking off, landing, rolls, banks and loops.

The experienced pilot will want to get straight into the cockpit of one of the big planes and he has plenty of choice. There are 18 different aircraft to select from. They include prop aircraft such as the Sopwith Camel, Piper Cherokee and the Spitfire. Fighters include the F-117 Stealth Fighter, F-16 and the A-18.

For the more adventurous thrill-seeker there is also the Space Shuttle and several experimental aircraft such as the XRH-4. Each has its own handling characteristics and flight patterns and will provide the pilot with a different challenge each time.

As well as a large selection of aircraft there is also a whole host of other options. You can choose to fly over alternative terrains, in different weather conditions, zoom around a slalom course and, for the more adventurous, join a really exciting stunt display team!

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