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The deadly practice of Kung Fu fighting becomes more of an art form in this furious fists 'n' feet fracas. Attain the giddy heights of martial fame by kicking and punching your way through over 25 levels of combat. As prowess increases, so does the colour of your belt, which also signifies your progress. There are 17 different moves that can be made, including a flying leap kick, reverse face punch and crouching stomach punch. The only moves this game doesn't seem to make are bowel movements! Once expertise has been achieved, the intricate dance of death begins. A rather nifty move is the double head kick, with which it is possible to knock out both your opponents. However, a very effective way of beating opponents is to launch into a furious attack, regardless of symmetry or grace. The pink sunset and picturesque Japanese bay belies the violence and danger to come. Testing your defensive skills, deflect rolling balls which threaten to flatten your form. If you can survive all 64 balls, a huge bonus of 5.000 points is all yours. Avoid the decapitated heads, which are probably defeated adversaries, looking for revenge. If this does not strike fear in your heart, then try to detonate bombs by booting them off the screen. Seems like a dangerous way to do it, but that's show biz. For grunters and groaners of the world, IK+ is a must for martial arts enthusiasts and reincarnations of Bruce Lee.

Whoa yeah - International Karate + - that brings back memories. One of my favorite games on my Amiga - a great concept and very good gameplay make this one the best Karate-Game I know. Always 3 fighters fighting against each other and the better two advance into the next level. It doesn't take long to get accustomend to the controls and the game hooks you for a long time. I never deleted that game on my old Amiga, played it for years. The graphics are nice, everything is just right and fun.

It's a very nice and legendary karate, beat'em up game, where you must fight against 2 opponents. Two players also can play against eachother and the computer. The game is so small, that 2 other bonus games fitted on the disk (Return of the Jedi, Driller), you can select between them on boot.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.28 MB).


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