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Learn to Add is an educational game designed for children ages 3-7. The object of the game is to complete a rainbow by solving number problems. On each turn, you first select a number from 1 to 9. The computer will then present a problem involving that number along with several groups of balloons of varying quantities. You then need to guide an animal over to the group of balloons which has the same number of balloons as the number that would solve the problem. On easier skill levels, you just need to select the group of balloons that matches the number selected. Tougher skill levels present addition problems where you need to fill in the blank. Each time you answer correctly, part of a rainbow appears on the screen. Complete the rainbow, and you win!

Learn to Add is a cute little game designed for pre-school kids. Players will learn to count and add to nine by playing four different levels. Correctly solving simple mathematical problems helps animals create a rainbow, so the game will probably be catchy to the kids. After the intro tune, you can choose the level by moving a small umbrella. If the player doesn't know anything about numbers, it is advised to start from level one.

In the first level, the player can't do anything except choose a number from 1 to 9. Depending on the number chosen, same number of items will appear near the ground and item slots will appear in the cloud. Then a small animal will show up and place the items in the cloud. This should teach the player to count up to nine.

The second stage will test your knowledge from the first level. After you choose a number, a few groups of items will appear. The player controls the animals and has to select the proper group. If you choose wrong, that group will simply disappear until only the correct group is left.

In the third level, you are introduced to addition. Once again, the number of item slots in the cloud is equal to the number chosen. The number of items in groups may not be equal to the selected number, so you may have to use two groups to place enough items in the cloud.

After you practiced addition in the third level, you are ready to go beyond item slots. In the fourth level, simple expressions will be written on the cloud. Possible answers are still groups of items and wrong choices still disappear. By playing this level, the player will become familiar with simple addition problems.

Considering the age of the game, it has decent graphics and sound. Obviously, Learn to Add doesn't look so cute now, but it may do the trick for children. The gameplay is very simple and even the ones who still have problems with computers and numbers will manage to play it in a short time. I recommend it for those unfamiliar with numbers and addition.

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