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When Larry Laffer finally married Kalalau in Nontoonyt, at the end of his last caper, it seemed he'd settled down to a respectable family life on the idyllic island. How then, could any of his further adventures have that same spirit? Simple! Not only has the island now undergone a major tourist development with new attractions in the worst possible taste, but Larry arrives home one night to find Kalalau in a hot tube with her new lover, Bobbi. How could she possibly find another man more interesting than Larry? The answer is she didn't. Work that one out for yourself, or buy the game!

Divorced and broken-hearted. Larry, with a sudden resolve, vows never to enter a serious relationship again. Indeed he will allow himself to be enjoyed by the many female tourists who visit Nontoonyt for a good time. And so, the little fellow clad in blue shirt and shorts, steps into a phone booth in the middle of the jungle, and changes into that famous white attire, transforming himself once more into Leisure Suit Larry!

Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionale Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals is far naughtier than Larry II, and like Larry I five questions must be answered before starting the game. But this time, the marks out of five determine at what level you play at. Three gives you 'Pretty Dirty', four offers 'Really Filthy', while five takes you into what you probably bought the game for: 'Totally Raunchiest'. The differences in play between these levels are fairly subtle but nevertheless noticeable - the level of the blinds in a lady's bedroom, and amount of bikini worn by a sunbather, for example.

Definitely an adult game, this, and certainly not to be bought as a gift for a twelve-year-old. This warning is well illustrated in Larry's first conquest, a lovely young lady called Tawni, found sunbathing topless on Nontoonyt's polluted beach. Larry soon finds a suitable gift to impress her, and she repays him in kind right there on the sand, fully-animated and to music! Pity about the crabs ...

The game itself is not easy, and unlikely to be purely a romp for Larry. Sacked by his boss, Larry is penniless, and has to trade wits for oats. The game's narrative form is belied by the initial appearance that things can be done in almost any order, once one or two essentials are out of the way. But second visits to earlier scenes offer useful objects not available earlier, and these are triggered by definite game events.

Patti herself has not turned up yet in my game, but I was assured by author and programmer Al Lowe when I met him last year, that Patti is playable as an alternative character when she appears, and things can be seen from a different angle.

The graphics are superb, with excellent animated sequences, all accompanied by sound effects and catchy music including the now-famous Larry theme tune. The parser and vocabulary range seem to have been improved over recent Sierra adventures, although movement is sometimes rather slow, and the system would be improved immensely by the inclusion of a GOTO (location) command, to allow instant transportation to previously visited places. Larry III comes with an illustrated coloured guide to Nontoonyt Island, and five disks. Now that's big!

While the first Larry was aimed mainly for male adults, the second adventure was sold to a much wider audience. Larry became a mainstream figure. In the third episode of the game Larry goes back to his roots. After being kicked off from his marriage and work Larry decides to do what he knows best - try to seduce every woman he can.

Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals is the third entry in the Leisure Suit Larry series of graphical adventure games published by Sierra Entertainment. The game takes place on Nontoonyt Island, the tropical setting from the previous game which has since been transformed into a resort.

The controls feature a mouse-based interface and a text parser for directing the Larry's actions. Littered throughout the resort are Larry's potential mates; whenever the player interacts with these women, they are featured in a close-up portrait, once again echoing earlier games in the series. The basic structure of the game involves Larry presenting each woman with gifts, although none of these items require money to obtain, unlike in the original Leisure Suit Larry.

Leisure Suit Larry III features a second playable character, the titular "Passionate Patti", whom the player briefly assumes control over. Patty's portion of the game is much the same as Larry's, including multiple 'death' scenes and a detailed character portrait of her love interest, a male stripper. However, the Patti sequences are more reminiscent of traditional adventure games, requiring players to navigate through a maze, as well as collect items for use in later puzzles.

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