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The world's most famous secret agent, James Bond, is once more appearing on a computer screen near you Licence to Kill, the game, is based on the film starring newcomer Timothy Dalton and faithfully follows the movie's plot. It puts you in Jimmy's shoes as he sets out on a personal vendetta against arch drug-smuggler and drowner of kittens, Sanchez. Ulp!

The game has six distinct parts, involving all manner of violence and mayhem, and arranged into three main sections. The first part requires you to pilot a heli- copter along a vertically-scrolling roadway, trying to blast Sanchez who's making an escape in his jeep. But naturally he's firing back, so you must gain and lose height to avoid not only his shots, but also other shots emanating from the occasional ground installation.

At the end of the stage Bond must jump from his chopper and fight Sanchez's henchmen on foot. Blasting away on the run won't help much in this part, because you can't aim effectively on the move Instead, a firing sight appears when you hold down the fire button and by moving left or right you can adjust the aim. Then when you start moving and press fire, the gun fires in the direction you last aimed.

At the top of this vertically-scrolling piece Felix is waiting in the helicopter, and to complete the first section Bond must jump in and spin off in pursuit of Sanchez, who is making a dash for Cuba. Bond lowers himself on a rope from the 'copter to attach a tow-rope to the tail of the arch-fiend's plane: tricky, tricky.

The second main section of the game sees Bond underwater for the first part armed only with a knife, dodging boats that fire at him and contending with divers. Manage to survive until the plane arrives and it's time for a spot of barefoot water skiing as he harpoons the seaplane's pontoons and attempts to haul himself aboard to take control, all the time avoiding highspeed Catamarans that have been sent with strict orders to stop him. Survive and it's straight into the third and final section of the game, where Sanchez is trying to make a run for it with the drugs (a dash with the stash?) hidden inside petrol tankers, after you thoughtlessly destroyed his drug factory. Destroy all the tankers successfully and you're left with Sanchez (who is armed with Stinger missiles for protection) in the last truck. And there you go, and why not indeed?

Licence to Kill has been nicely done, and that in a sense is what it's there for. Some sections are very playable, but though it's fun for a while, it is not likely to keep you playing for months. Still, it does follow the plot of the film accurately and it's certainly tough and addictive enough to grab your attention for a good while.

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