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Up ahead, the leader of the race comes into view. You push the accelerator a little harder trying to make ground on him. The car in your rear view mirror is swerving and pushing you hard, trying to force you to make a mistake. You must keep total concentration if you are to maintain your position.

Struggling with the wheel, you force the Lotus around the tight bend, narrowly missing a fallen tree. Your driving skills have allowed you to catch the leader and the chance to pass him will come soon. On the approaching road a pile of rubble and rocks blocks three of the lanes. The debris takes its toll on your opponent. He swerves, skidding across the road and losing a lot of speed. You spot your chance and take it. Hitting the accelerator hard you fly through the opening. Glancing in the mirror you see your two competitors collide, both crashing off the road.

Gremlin are back and so is the Lotus. If you remember Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge you will know what a superb racing sim it was. It has been placed at the number three position on the Amiga Action Racing Super League but will the sequel be good enough to take the number one spot? Read on...

Unlike the original that had you racing around a circuit for a certain number of laps, this time a long race lies ahead of you. Across many different terrains and lands you must travel to a destination hundreds of miles away. At several places along the race there are check points which must be reached before a certain time. Go too slowly, and you are out of the running (or driving).

You will find yourself driving over various terrain types. Fog will reduce your vision to almost nothing. Snow swirls in front of you and drifts across the road while ice sends you sliding off the track. Rain pours down while lightning illuminates the sky. When you reach the desert sand dunes at the side of the road, they will slow your progress and when you reach the swamp you will be literally sunk if you stray from the straight and narrow.

The game not only features the Lotus Esprit but also the Lotus Elan. The two cars have different characteristics and handle differently. For example, the Esprit is faster in a straight line but the Elan handles the corners better. As the two cars are so different they can't be raced against each other but you swop between them for different stages.

The simultaneous two player action of the original Lotus was its main feature. Lotus 2 goes not one but two better. If you have a friend who owns either an Amiga or an ST (poor soul) you can link your machines together and have four players racing at the same time. Alternatively you can have one full screen on each machine, two split screens on one machine or just a single full screen.

The game is almost the same as the other Lotus episodes. The graphics was updated since the first Lotus and the tracks was also redesigned. As always, this Lotus also has a cool soundtrack!

The first Lotus game was a true revolution. It introduced real high speed racing with great graphics and the best music I have heard until then. Each moment spent in playing Lotus was a real joy so I expected a lot from its successor.

Lotus 2 proved to be even better than I expected. The game has been nicely polished and the music got even better (yeah, can you believe that?). The tracks get consistently tougher, but are learnable and fair. The illusion of movement as with all of the Lotus games is very good, and racing through the checkpoints with less than a second to spare is highly satisfying. Do I even have to mention the joy of split-screen multiplayer? Highly enjoyable!

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.49 MB).


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