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The most advanced puzzle sport has arrived with frantic action but no violence. You control a large, square bat that you must move through a tunnel network. This may sound simple but you also have to take a metallic sphere along with you. The sphere is knocked through the tunnels by bouncing it off your translucent racket which can be moved around the screen. Once the ball has rebounded off and been sent back down into the tunnel, you must then advance after it. Eventually the ball will hit some kind of obstacle and be sent back up the tunnel. These obstacles come in the form of gateways that open and shut and generally cause hindrance to your mission.

There are many different gateways; some move horizontally while others move vertically; some even move randomly around the screen. The levels and obstacles can be edited using the tunnel editor.

If you manage to keep the ball travelling through the tunnels you will eventually reach the end of the stage. This is indicated on a banner as well as the code of the following stage. These codes can be used to enter the game at the appropriate level which save you from having to start from level one. They should be jotted down as soon as they are reached. At the end of every fourth stage you will come across a puzzle that you will need to solve before you can advance. Control of the translucent racket can be performed via the mouse or joystick, although the mouse does prove easier to use.

WHITEY: Although The Light Corridor looks fairly basic, it is in fact an excellent game that adds a new twist to the breakout style of games. The action is fast paced and guaranteed to keep you on your toes. There are plenty of levels to keep you occupied for quite some time and although the puzzles can be fairly difficult, they are not impossible which gives the game that 'just one more go' feeling. Simple in design but The Light Corridor is devilishly addictive.

DOUG: On loading up The Light Corridor I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect. Fortunately, this is one hell of a game. Although the graphics are simplistic, colour has been used extensively as has the sound. The Light Corridor Just goes to prove that even the simplest of concepts can sometimes prove to be the best. I think the asking price is a little steep but I still have to recommend The Light Corridor as one for your collection.

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