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The first in the King's Quest series may not feature the stunning graphics of the latest addition, yet you'll find one hell of an adventure just fighting to get out!

Cast as Sir Graham, your quest is to search the lands of Daventry for the three great treasures stolen long ago from the aged King Edward. Without these, Daventry is doomed; conversely, success will grant you the throne. Ah, the stuff of great adventures!

The beauty of most of Sierra's games is that you've literally dozens of mini-quests to solve and King's Quest is no exception. The search begins outside of the palace; your travels take you far and wide. Numerous characters offer advice, items, kick off sub-plots and hold important secrets; others offer you nothing but trouble and, while Sir Graham may be a worthy knight, entering into battle voluntarily is rarely the best answer to his plight.

The playing area of King's Quest is vast and there will be times when you'll feel lost or simply won't know where to turn next. Sometimes, it's a case of lateral thinking; occasionally, a little bit of luck results in stumbling on the solution.

King's Quest is a good introduction to the world of Sierra, being atmospheric, containing all of the humour associated with the titles and not terribly difficult to get into. Solving the game, with a good score at that, is another thing altogether!

This episode is called "Quest for the Crown". The very first episode of the game was released in 1986 with 16 color graphics. Unfortunately I was unable to launch it, so I put you online the Remake version from 1990, which featrues better sound and graphics. The whole King's Quest story about the kingdom Daventry and the childless King Edward starts here...

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