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By the time Gremlin got round to releasing Lotus 3. it has to be said that developers Magnetic Fields were obviously starting to run out of ideas. After all, the first Lotus offered unbeatable two-player action and the fastest road update the Amiga had seen, and the sequel offered a full-screen one-player mode which still managed to keep the road moving smoothly - it even had more cars. So what could they do for the third game? Er, more detail in the trees? Birds in the background? Push-bike parked by the roadside?

Instead, they decided to leave the main game as it was and added a construction kit. Not a new idea admittedly - and one Gremlin themselves had already used in its easily-forgotten Combo Racer - but one which works well nevertheless. Yessirree, from the comfort of your armchair you can sit back and add all manner of twists and turns to a track of your nuking, whilst choosing the scenery and adding any other obstacles you deem necessary. Great Well, that's the theory. Personally, I always get a bit bored of track designers as I can never be bothered to fine-tune them and stick to creating tracks which only serve to wreck my Lotus.

As such, Lotus 3 seems like a bit of a redundant title. Yes, it still offers good road-racing action (but nothing Lotus II didn't have) and, yes, it looks really nice - but there's still no major difference. That just leaves the track designer to warrant the extra cash and, to be honest, I don't think it is enough to justify a purchase.

What happened? Lotus 1&2 were great games, why did they have to ruin the series with this one? Trust me, the game might look good but it's far from the greatness shown in the previous two titles. How sad...

There are three cars to choose from, a few pre-made tracks and an easy-to-use track creation tool. The music is nice, but not nearly as good as before. What made me angry is the graphics engine! The colors are somewhat less lively than ever and simply... well, not good!

The game is still good, but unlike its predecessors, Lotus 3 is just an average game.

Third part of the Lotus Trilogy. Very famous and good arcade game. 3 selectable car, many levels with various weather, music tracks, two player mode with splitted screen, etc. Worth to try!

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