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3D Pool is a 3D pool simulation, another budget re-release from Mirrorsoft. It's played in a ghostly void, with the pool table drawn in solid vector graphics. The full complement of sixteen balls are light-source shaded, and move around the table in realtime. There's no visible cue or crosshair to help you line up the shot. Instead, you view the table from the tip of your imaginary cue, so when you hit the ball, it always travels directly "into" the screen. It's a strange idea, but it works. Even so, it could still do with a crosshair fixed to a vertical axis in the centre of the screen. The balls move around realistically, although it can be a little slow, as you might imagine. The only irritating feature is the very low top-end of the power bar, which doesn't allow very fast or hard shots. It's a great game anyway, which may be bettered by Archer McLean's forthcoming 3D Snooker, but for now it's in a class of its own.

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