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Pang is another of those surreal Japanese arcade games, this one involving bouncing balloons. One or two players work through single-screen levels, each containing a number of platforms: some destructible, other connected by ladders. To complete a level, one or more balloons must be destroyed using a vertically-firing energy beam. A balloon divides into two smaller ones when it's hit. The largest balloon divides three times before it's broken down into the destructible smallest balloons.

Marauding creatures can take away the ability to fire a short time but some balloon explosions release collectible items: bonus points, extra time, a stopwatch which freezes everything, dynamite which divides all balloons into their smallest form, a grappling hook and a rapid-firing pistol.

It's a well known fact that the simplest of games are often the most addictive and fun to play. Pang sums up this theory perfectly, and yes, I'm hooked, in a big, big way.

The gameplay is loosely based on the old classic Asteroids. You've got to guide the Pang through 17 different countries shooting large, balloons. It sounds simple, and it is in theory, but once you've shot the biggest balloon, it divides itself in half until it reaches its smallest size. As you can well imagine, the going gets very frenetic as you desperately attempt to wipe the screen of all the small balloons. Luckily, help is provided in the form of power ups, such as rapid fire weapons and smart bombs.

The game is the perfect conversion of a coin-op which was wickedly ignored, but at the same time, so maddingly addictive. An ace game!

Pang is a platform-arcade game, which can be played in one or two player mode, on the same screen. The mission is to destroy the flying balls above your head. If you hit the ball, it will split in two or many pieces. You can collect extra weapons and certain things, like clock, dinamite, life, etc.

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