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What can I say? Road Rash is without any doubt one of the most exciting, enjoyable and easy to play games ever created. As out-and-out motorcycle racing games go, this is way up there right at the very top. But when you add to that the extra dimension in the gameplay provided by the 'get to the front and stay there by fair means or foul' mentality, the Road Rash experience is way out beyond any other pretenders to the throne.

Smooth scrolling tracks, a realistic difficulty level and the chance to beat your nearest rival over the head with an iron bar whilst travelling at well over 150 mph are all memorable features. Dodging cars coming at you in both directions and avoiding the clutches of the local police are equally satisfying aspects of the game, and if you think you've got it completely sussed then you'd better look out for the cow that has strayed onto the road over the next tarmaced rise.

Road Rash is absolutely excellent from start to finish and for a measly thirteen quid you should snap it up a soon as you can get your hands on it if you don't already own a copy.

It's a motocycle game where you can kick and punch the other drivers in the race. Very enjoyable gameplay :) With smooth, fast graphics speed and good controls.

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