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Robocop 2 - if it performs as well as the first game - should help line Ocean's pockets with a fair few squidlies. Just as Robocop 2 (the film) follows the successful formula of the first movie (but not quite as good), so Robocop 2 (the game) offers more of the same chart topping and somewhat mindless violent action as its prequel. As a licensed computer game, it follows pretty much the same recipe as Batman The Movie - with a large recognisable main sprite, nicely animated, moving through complex, puzzled platform and ladder backgrounds dispatching zillions of bad guys. Between the three main levels (each in two big chunks - so you could call them six if you wanted) there are four sub-games (er... but the latter two are harder versions of the first - so you could call them two) to add variety to the gameplay. Progress through the whole caboodle, arresting, rescuing and maiming, and you'll get to meet the movie's master villains. At the end of level two, it's the sadistic drug baron Cain. While he tries to turn you into a sieve, you've got to dodge the bullets and feel his collar (sounds a bit kinky).

On the final level, it's Robocop 2 himself you come up against - and he's the evilest mean metal mutha ever built out of 86 baked bean cans (catering size) three boxes of Meccano (Set No. 24) and lashings of sticky-backed plastic. And that's it really, sounds simple doesn't it? It's not!


There are two sub-games in Robocop 2 where Murph gets to hone his marksman's skills at the Rogues Gallery. Your gun-sight cursor comprises a vertical and a horizontal line which 'vectors in' to pinpoint your target. The single screen represents various windowed buildings and in these and the road in front, various 'cardboard' targets pop up. Shoot the correct ones (the guys with guns, not the little children) and you'll improve your shooting skills in the next levels -the bad guys will take fewer shots to kill in relation to your accuracy. You've also got a limited amount of ammo, so use it wisely!

The Robocop movie has many episodes, so the game version of the story also has. You play the happenings of the 2nd movie. Much better graphics and sound than in the first version.

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