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It's rooting, tooting, shooting action with that clinically brain dead hero, John Rambo. The first mission is set in a mazelike fort, and our steroid-laden hero must rescue his colleague, Colonel Trautman, who is slowly being tortured to death. In the fort, various weapons and objects must be picked up in order to complete the game. Apart from stabbing and shooting enemy soldiers, Rambo III contains some puzzles which add depth and interest to the game. These are not too taxing on the brain, as they are fairly logical riddles to uncover. For example, keys can be used to open buildings and an electrified door can be opened safely with a rubber glove.

In stage two, Rambo's brain is reaching straining point as he is required to deactivate bombs. A strange scenario surely. Doesn't the appeal of Rambo lie in him being all brawn and no brains? In section three, things get back to normal when a footsore Rambo acquires a tank and sets about blasting everything in sight. The graphics and music in Rambo III are fairly pleasing, although the bird's eye view of the action is annoying and does nothing to make the player become immersed in the action. Rambo III is first and foremost a shoot 'em up, and that is where its appeal lies: bloodthirsty entertainment for the bloodthirsty masses.

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