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Rodland is a cutesy platform game. That much you can see for yourself. You and a chum play a couple of fairies out to rescue their mum from some bad dude. As ever, this involves smacking lots of primary-coloured funny little blobby creatures in the teeth until they cry (quite literally, in the case of the sharks). So far so normal, but Rodland is a game so beautifully constructed as to completely transcend the normal boundaries of formula. For a start, this is a game truly deserving of the accolade 'cartoon graphics'. The graphics aren't particularly big, but everything's done with a cartoonist's sense of exaggeration -bombs explode in a huge multicoloured flash with BOOOOM in the middle, bad guys are dispatched by impaling them on the end of a 'magic rod' and smashing them from side to side on the ground with grand overhead swinging actions, and one of the enemies is, in the words of Tim and Mark, 'a mincing starfish with a poached egg on his back, who lobs boomerangs at you', which frankly isn't really the kind of thing you'd see walking down the street in everyday life. Bright colours and lovable baddies are the order of the day, along with predictable (but no less endearing for it) chirpy burbly music. The gameplay, though, is where Rodland leaves almost every other platformer in the world stuck at the starting gates. Deviously constructed so as to be very easy to actually play, but constantly tempt you into trying slightly clever things which promise big rewards but invariably lead to an embarrassing death, this is a computer game of the old school and no mistake. Rodland is one of the few games that I keep in my special safe drawer in the office so that nobody nicks it (along with Sensible Soccer, Dynablaster, Speedball 2, Mr Do Run Run and Asteroids), and that's just about the highest recommendation I can muster tor anything.

This cute platform game is considered as one of the best ever made for Amiga! What is so special about it? Well, it does look nice, the characters are really cute and the gameplay itself... I must admit it's addictive!

In a typical story of an evil character kidnapping your mother, you control one or two girls (or are they elves...) and have to complete many, many levels defeating some cute looking enemy bees, sharks and other animals. While you do that you can also collect certain items and gain extra lives. After a few levels you'll encounter a boss creature and go on until you finally reach the n-th level and defeat the final boss.

Nice little game with interesting approach to killing monsters. You just have to see that.

OK, so maybe this game is a bit girly, but hell it is a great game! This is a really fun (and cute) platform game. It has some great features such as ladders and stuff, obviously the ladders alone aren't a great feature, but being able to build them is cool :) Although you can only build 1 at once. But that just adds to the challenge :)

You have to go and rescue your 'mommy' from the tower. She got kidnapped by some witch or something I think... So you, as the daughter (or if you play 2 players, daughters) have to go and rescue her. This game is REALLY long and once you reach the top of the tower (if my memory serves me correctly) the game still carries on, and this is just the first of many 'boss' characters you have to defeat.

The game is styled in an anime type of thing, so it is probably a Japanese/Far East game, but I'm not 100% sure... A cool added extra (pun intended) is that you can get lives by collecting various letters and then magically aquiring a life from a big white fairy (who is pretty damn fine! yes ladies, im a sexist pig :D) In order to get these letters you must collect all of the roses/goodies on the level, and then all the bad guys turn into giant walking love hearts, which you must then defeat using your patented basher weapon, which is an electronice thingy that blasts out and paralyses your opponent so you can bash him from side to side...

Anyway, I think thats enough of me rabelling on by now... You won't be disapointed if you try out this game.

Two sisters, and their mom lived peacefully... But one day the evil has come and took mom away. The two little sprites started their journey, to save the mom. Very sweet and good looking game.

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