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Football Kid is a completely different kind of football. A platform game with a difference!

Players need considerable skill and a few tricks up their sleeve if they are to play their way through the 6 worlds of Football Kid. The game's objective is simple enough, although it lakes some getting used to, and, together with the bonus levels and power pills, should keep even the most exacting perfectionist happy. The various tricks our little expert can get up to will be highly enjoyable for all footballers, and will probably make them green with envy! He can balance on the ball, juggle with it on his head, and he also docs a wonderful overhead kick. It is a pity that the game is only for one person. I am sure it would be a great for two.

When everyone is in position our little Maradonna can start to show what he's made of. And one thing is certain, he needs all his tricks to get through the many obstacles of the 6 levels. The rapid, but perfectly clear scrolling is a pleasure to watch and is never jerky. Background and foreground are beautifully presented and well worth watching, and the sound effects and music are excellent.

The obstacles are very cleverly done, there are taxis, bus stops, fire hydrants and lamp posts. The player can even end up in the canal if he doesn't keep his fool really close to the ball. He just has to find the right place, pull the joystick right down, and splash! he's up to the neck in it! And getting out is not easy. Another neat feature, especially for slow players is the funny sight of the little footballer starting to flag if the joystick is not moved! There is plenty of excitement in the game, although, as mentioned above, it can only be played by one person. The little footballer is so clever and entertaining that it's hard to stop, it really is addictive! The game is a mixture between Kick Off and the classic Giana Sisters. The various worlds are very well drawn and confront the player with a stream of new tasks and obstacles. To sum up, this is a very successful attempt to blend platform games with football. Other manufacturers could learn a thing or two from Kristalis.

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