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One of the most addictive arcade games, this conversion retains many of the original features. A truly playable game which can bring out withdrawal symptoms of sweaty palms and itchy fingers if you go too long without the R-Type experience. Once again, a life and death battle is being fought in outer space. Your job is to save the universe from some very strange looking creatures. Defend yourself from weird robotic killing machines and vicious reptilians with venomous spittle. By shooting enemy aircraft, valuable weapons can be collected. One of the most effective is the Force (and may it be with you), which can be attached to the ship's front providing a force field against foes. The eight levels of combat provide different arenas of gameplay and excitement. The multifarious aliens are visually interesting and a real challenge to destroy. Especial nasties are the almost invincible snake-like creatures whose Achilles heel is a blue orb on its belly. How the mighty fall! A useful tool is the maximum killer beam, obtained by keeping the finger pressed on the fire button. It's a deadly weapon which can blast through three aliens. R-Type is a challenging and difficult shoot 'em up. A great game to become absorbed in if life has become too easy.

R-Type is a side scrolling shoot 'em up. You control the spaceship as it tries to defeat the evil Bydo empire. R-Type features huge bosses and intricate, often maze-like levels.

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