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Welcome to Gameblaster, and on the show tonight, we'll be finding out who is going to host the next series. Will it be veteran presenter Domingo Diamante, or the pretender to the crown, Flexter Deckchair? Our two contestants will be wearing oriental garments and doing battle in a fabulous new game, Second Samurai, to decide who take (that's Japanese, that is) top spot. A cunning mixture of puzzle, platform, beat-em-up and shoot-em-up, Second Samurai makes The Crystal Maze look like Andy Pandy - you know, a sort of cute boy-doll in a funny stripy outfit.

And without further ado, it's on with the show. The object is to battle your way through 10 levels of sword-waving, fist-crunching, knife-throwing fun. Collect the weapons, pick up the points, solve the puzzles and slay the beasties. The guy with the most points gets to host the new series of Gameblaster. Is it worth it? Of course it is.

Join us after the break

Oh dear, young Flexter looks a bit ropy early doors. A snake caught him in possession there - slight pause - of a large sword. Boom boom. That's it chaps, collect the books - they give you extra power. Veteran broadcaster Domingo is having to show all his Gameblaster expertise, deflecting the huge dragon's attention to his 'friend' Flexter. We'll leave it there for a few minutes folks. Back after this short intermission.

"Do you have an Amiga? Do you like computer games? If the answer to these questions is yes then have we got on offer for you! Vivid Image and Psygnosis have teamed up to produce a fantastic new computer game for your Amiga."

Part two

And you join us at a critical moment in the proceedings. Flexter has just asked if he can go to the toilet, but the adjudicator has said that all he can do is hack and slash. Our man with the mike, Mike, is dawn on the ground talking to Domingo. "Domingo, how's it going?" "Mike, it's bonkers out here. I got myself a sword early on by collecting a yellow book..." "Domingo, I'll have to stop you there. I'm hearing that we have to go back to Steve at the reviews desk because he's got to do a review of Second Samurai. This version works on all Amigas, but a special enhanced A1200 version is on the way. Over to you Steve"

So it's finally here. And after two years in development, Second Samurai does not disappoint. Fabulous graphics and sound, huge worlds to explore, frightening end of level bosses to overcome and puzzles galore to solve make this an addictive experience. And it's become popular in the office with people milling around my desk muttering: "Me, I want to hack and slash, me, me".

The two-player option offers three play modes - Friendly, Stun and Kill. In the Friendly option, you and a pal go on a joint venture and boy, do you get to case some wild joints. The Stun and Kill modes enable you to damage your opponent, but you wouldn't want to do that, would you?

Weapons include swords, daggers, bombs and seeker skulls which follow the enemy, and there's also a nifty jetpack to strap on your back followed by a fantastic shoot-em-up sequence. One of the many pleasing aspects of Second Samurai is that it's not just a case of frantic joystick waggling. The fighting moves take a while to learn but once perfected, you'll be ruthlessly efficient.

There's also an impressive end of game sequence which depicts the tale of the Samurai in story form. The amount you see depends on how many experience points you collect. Second Samurai is good; very good. So put on those red pyjamas, boil some saki, change your name to Harry Kari and shout: "My sword".

After the First Samurai, here is the Second :) Very cool and funny music, worth to listen! It has a very enjoyable gameplay, best in two player mode. You have to go and kill all the dragons and other bosses through many levels.

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