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The third entry in SSI's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons computer role-playing series continues the Forgotten Realms adventuring that began with Pool of Radiance. Transfer characters from the second game, Curse of the Azure Bonds, or create your own party of six heroes to conquer a new threat. Miners from the remote town of New Verdigris have opened an ancient vault and let loose hordes of monsters throughout a maze of underground tunnels. You must prevent the creatures from reaching the surface, which means delving deep within the mines and surrounding arctic regions to stop the scourge of evil.

Fans of previous entries in the "Gold Box" series will be familiar with the play mechanics. Once again the action is primarily viewed from a first-person perspective, with individual panels displaying a list of your party members as well as description of key areas. Combat switches the screen to an overhead, isometric perspective that involves alternating turns with characters as they move, attack, flee, use items, or cast spells. Secret of the Silver Blades introduces the chance for enemies to surrender in combat, potentially shortening each encounter's duration. The game also includes a portal system that will either teleport your party to different areas within the mines or serve as a gateway back to town.

For many years now you had rested, with the weapons that had brought you fame hanging on the walls of your home as memories of times past. But something now yearns within you and your friends, and the taste for battle is once more rekindled. But unbeknown to you, adventure is already brewing. The frigid valleys of the Dragonspine Mountains echo with the desperate plea of petrified miners. Unwittingly digging in unhallowed ground, they have unearthed an ancient vault and released the horde of terrible creatures. Using a Well of Knowledge they have called upon you. Heroes of the Forgotten Realms, to save them from this impending doom.

Now, it's been said quite frequently that the AD&D games by SSI are to similar to each other. Well, this maybe true, but the good thing is that they follow on from each other very well. So, rather than start with a new set of characters each game, you can simply port your party across from the previous game in the series. If this is your first step into the role playing world of SSI don't fret because the game can be easily picked up and there's an excellent rule book to give you the low down. New characters can be generated at the right level for the adventure that you will be participating in.

Secret of the Silver Blades is the fourth in the series of this type of adventure from SSI. so you'll be encountering some monsters that have not been used before. Fight giants, gorgons and dragons in an attempt to save the miners of the Dragonspine Mountains.

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