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I think this is the best Police Quest of the lot so far, both graphically and aurally. There is no getting away from the sheer realism throughout, mainly because Jim Wallis the game's creator was a real life LA cop, and he makes sure that procedure is followed to the letter.

Sierra's experiments with video digitizing real people for inclusion in their games seems to have paid off, as Police Quest 3's graphics really are a tremendous improvement over the previous releases. Sonny Bonds the hero looks like a guy who can handle himself instead of a stick like cretin who wouldn't say boo to a goose!

The all new Sierra point and click interface that was premiered in the latest Larry is now a permanent feature, but best of all is the Jan (Miami Vice) Hammer sound track, typically full of moody atmospheric minor chords.

There are some downers, notably the standardly sluggish Sierra disk accessing, although seemingly not as bad as usual, and a pathetic car ride sequence which is patently unnecessary and tedious in the extreme, due to the easy way you can crash the car, as you run out of road. That apart though, Police Quest 3 is a real treat, and a definite one for your adventure collection.

Called: "The Kindred". Third episode of the adventure game Police Quest, and the last on Amiga. There is always a crime case waiting for being solved. Now you can do it with better graphics and sound.

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