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Our ninja hero has to fight masked men, thugs with clubs, sumo wrestlers, and (gasp) cross a busy road, to defeat the Oriental demon and his army of ghoulish assassins - yes it's walking along hitting people time again.

Mind you, the superior graphics, animation and movement systems make this a far more satisfying version of this particular genre. This only goes to show that it is possible to rehash old games ideas and keep them entertaining. The acrobatics our ninja has mastered are a pleasure to watch, keyboard arrangements are a bit naff, if you're not careful you end up with two players on the one player option, player two trails around like a gormless relative at a party and holds everything up, annoying but not fatal. Various objects along the way explode offering goodies of one sort or another. I very seldom enjoy this sort of game as much as I did this one, a definitive arcade beat 'em up.

An evil messenger terrorizes the land. Only a lonely ninja can destroy the dictator. This game is a sword-fight through 5 stages. Every stage has a boss at the end. It's the Amiga 500 version, the game was also released on Commodore 64/128.

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